Do you Blog? Got Tumblr?

By Gary Cope

Do you blog? If so, which blogging service do you use? Wordpress? Blogger? Typepad? Those three seem to be the most popular, at least in our circle of blogging friends and clients. I have used Wordpress extensively and it is my blogging platform of choice for business-related blogs because of its seemingly infinite variety of plugins. Wordpress and Blogger are both free while Typepad comes with a modest monthly fee attached to its services. But let’s not forget my personal favorite, Tumblr.com. Haven’t heard of Tumblr? Well pull up a chair my friend!

Tumblr, like Wordpress and Blogger, is free. After I got past the initial learning curve of the dashboard, I discovered that it is, without question, the most user-friendly blogging platform I have ever used. The most redeeming quality of Tumblr is that it allows me to completely and easily customize the entire look and feel of the site using simple HTML and CSS. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that I can design a basic Web site and then simply add Tumblr’s blogging code to the page I want to serve as the blog and presto - I have an instant blog that looks exactly like I envisioned. OK, there’s a little more to it than that, but it is very easy. That means it’s a piece of cake to add blog functionality to your current Web site without setting up a separate blog site. If you need help with your blog, let CWI help today! E-mail us at info@cwimedia.com.